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Le nouveau gouvernement annoncé "vers 18h00", Valls au JT de France 2

Le nouveau gouvernement de Manuel Valls sera annoncé ce mardi \"vers 18H00\" par le secrétaire général de l\\u0027Elysée, Jean-Pierre Jouyet, a annoncé la présidence de la République.Le Premier ministre, Manuel ...

US: 'no plans' to coordinate with Syria to battle Islamic State

The United States said Tuesday it does not intend to coordinate with the government of President Bashar al-Assad on targeting Islamic State militants in Syrian territory.\"There are no plans to coordinate with the Assad regime as we consider this ter

Le nouveau gouvernement annoncé "vers 18h00"

Le nouveau gouvernement de Manuel Valls sera annoncé ce mardi \"vers 18H00\" par le secrétaire général de l\\u0027Elysée, Jean-Pierre Jouyet, a annoncé la présidence de la République. Le Premier ministre, Manue

US giving Syria intelligence on jihadists, sources say

The United States has begun reconnaissance flights over Syria and is sharing intelligence about jihadist deployments with Damascus through Iraqi and Russian channels, sources told AFP on Tuesday.\"The cooperation has already begun and the United Stat

Ukraine, Russia talks begin as Kiev holds 'Russian' soldiers

The leaders of Russia and Ukraine held key talks Tuesday on the brutal conflict between Kiev and pro-Moscow rebels after the Kremlin admitted for the first time its troops had entered Ukrainian territory.Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko shook han

Legal net tightens around Haitian ex-strongman

Legal threats loomed over Haiti\\u0027s ex-dictator Jean-Claude \"Baby Doc\" Duvalier on Sunday after the current president said he must face justice for crimes during his 1971-1986 reign.President Rene Preval, in comments during a visit to the neigh ...

URGENT ¥¥¥ Dominican Republic reports first cholera death

Officials in the Dominican Republic on Sunday reported the first death from a cholera outbreak that had spread from neighboring Haiti, local media said.lda-rl/jk

OAS mum on Haiti vote winner

The head of the Organization of American States said Monday the group proposed changes to Haiti\\u0027s electoral process but did not rank candidates in disputed presidential elections.\"The technical mission can only make recommendations. It did so

Canada 'concerned' by Haitian dictator's return

Canada is \"concerned\" about the surprise return of former Haitian dictator Jean-Claude \"Baby Doc\" Duvalier, Foreign Minister Lawrence Cannon said Monday.Ottawa is \"concerned that Haiti\\u0027s former dictator has returned at a critical time in H

URGENT ¥¥¥ US 'surprised' at return of ex-Haiti dictator

The United States is \"surprised\" at ex-dictator Jean-Claude \"Baby Doc\" Duvalier\\u0027s return to Haiti after 25 years in exile, a State Department spokesman said



NU Vice & Carimi - SOB'S NY. 11/19/2005

NU Vice & Carimi - SOB'S NY. 11/19/2005

Carimi - 4th Anniversary in NY. 11/12/2005.

Carimi - 4th Anniversary in NY. 11/12/2005.

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