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Solar Impulse to get under cover in Japan

Sunshine powered Solar Impulse 2 was expected to get under cover overnight on Tuesday, finally allowing support staff to let go of the super lightweight plane almost 24 hours after it arrived in Japan.Crew members had spent the day holding onto the h ...

Iraq allies vow support for plan to regain ground from jihadists

Iraq\\u0027s allies in the fight against the Islamic State group on Tuesday pledged their support for an emergency plan adopted by Baghdad after the key city of Ramadi was taken by jihadists.\"Coalition ministers pledged their firm support for this p

Irak: soutien de la coalition anti-jihadistes au plan de reconqu??te

La coalition anti-jihadistes, dirigée par les Etats-Unis, a apporté mardi à Paris son soutien au plan militaire et politique de l\\u0027Irak pour reconquérir ses territoires, une lutte qui sera de \"long te

German hits labour market strong with unemployment at 24-year low

The number of people registered as unemployed in Germany is lower than it has been since December 1991, as recovery in Europe\\u0027s biggest economy continues, data showed on Tuesday. The seasonally-adjusted jobless total fell by 6,000 to 2.786 mill

Gr?ÆØce: pour la Commission, l'??change de documents avec les cr??anciers est "un bon signe"

La Commission européenne a salué mardi le fait que la Grèce et ses créanciers échangent des documents de travail sur les réformes qui doivent être mises en oeuvre par Ath

Dany Laferri?re re?u ? l'Acad?mie fran?aise

L\\u0027écrivain Dany Laferrière, reçu mercredi à l\\u0027Académie française, sera le premier Haïtien et le premier Québécois à siéger sous la Coupole où il occupera le fauteuil ...

Son of Honduran ex-president appears in US court on drug charges

The son of the former president of Honduras, who was arrested in Haiti this week, appeared in New York court Friday charged with attempting to import cocaine, prosecutors said. Fabio Lobo, son of Porfirio Lobo, was arrested on

Un fils de l'ex pr?sident du Honduras inculp? de trafic de drogue ? New York

Un fils de l\\u0027ancien président du Honduras Porfirio Lobo, Fabio Porfirio Lobo, a été inculpé vendredi à New York de trafic de cocaïne, 48 heures après son arrestation en Haïti, ont annoncé

Son of former Honduran president arrested in Haiti and sent to US

Haitian and US authorities have arrested the son of the former president of Honduras and sent him to New York where he faces drug trafficking charges, the government of Honduras said. Fabio Lobo Lobo, son of Porfirio Lobo, was

Avalanche de candidats ? l'?lection pr?sidentielle en Ha?ti

Le poste de président de la République n\\u0027aura jamais été autant convoité en Haïti: soixante-dix personnes ont officialisé leur candidature pour l\\u0027élection dont le premier tour doit avoi

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